Tech Thursday – Quench Your Musical Thirst With Drinkify

Hello everyone and here’s your second shot of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log! This interesting item was found through a StumbleUpon search yesterday before doing my homework. I had been brainstorming on topics for my assignment and listening to some tunes when I got a headache. I decided to take a break from my work and began searching through StumbleUpon. I landed on a website called Drinkify. The web site has a retro look to it and in one spot it says, “I’m listening to” followed by a blank. Underneath is a button that says, “What should I drink?” I chuckled at the site and was going to pass it up but my curiosity got the best of me. I filled the blank with “The Doors” and clicked the button. Drinkify refreshed itself and displayed a drink that would fit the music I was listening to. I tried this with several different bands and every drink fit accordingly. The site is a cool way to waste time and listen to music while having a drink that fits the mood. Well done Drinkify and thank you StumbleUpon for making my day. Cheers!


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