Melon Heads And A Yellow Motel – A West Michigan Mystery Part 2

In my previous post I spoke of the melon or wobble heads of West Michigan. They have been said to live in the woods of Laketown Township by the Felt Mansion. It’s a story that has spread across the area but another story amazes me for it’s connection to the ruthless gangster, Al Capone. Growing up I heard of the Yellow Motel within the Pullman area of Allegan County. It was said to be haunted by the murder victims of Capone. The gangster and his men would frequent the Yellow Motel back when he was in power. There were underground tunnels as well as a pit of quicksand where his victims were left to be swallowed by the land. Years later, the stories of a ghostly car that crashes in the area as well as white dogs guarding the area continue to be a topic of interest. I’ve driven down the back roads of Allegan County but I’ve never witnessed anything. I suppose it’s because it was never at night…well, I have been there at night but I was in a different area. So how true is this story involving this motel and Al Capone?

According to Charlotte Weick who wrote on the topic for Advance Newspapers, “Witnesses claim to have observed an unearthly yellow glow around the ruins of a former resort in the Allegan Forest and others report being chased by white dogs near the ruins. Others report a blue motel that transforms to a sickly yellow.” The story of white dogs is one that I have heard before. Back when I was in high school, a cousin of mine told me that he and some other friends drove out to where the Yellow Motel was located. He said that they pulled up, left the lights on to the car, and began walking towards the motel. He said that the lights turned off and all they could see were red eyes. He said that they ran back to the car and when they turned the lights on a white dog jumped on the hood. He said that it took a minute for the car to turn on but once it did they took off and the dog disappeared. There are more stories that relate to the Yellow Motel other than the one of Al Capone.

Tonya Howe, a Yahoo Network Contributor, also wrote about the Yellow Motel. “Ken, a friend of mine, was renting it when my husband and I dropped by for a visit, however, Ken was not home. As we drove around the circle driveway a lady looked out the window at us. When I later told Ken about this, he told me he lives there alone but that the lady watches him when he is mowing the lawn as well.” I can’t imagine seeing this let alone living within the motel when it once stood. The stories are almost unbelievable but if it was haunted, where did it all start? Howe states that, “It is said a young couple honeymooning there caused the hauntings to begin when the groom, discovering his bride not to be a virgin, killed her and threw himself out the window.” It would be something else to find out the truth behind the Yellow Motel but I think it’s the mystery that keeps the story going. The motel burned down in the late 90’s. Some say it was vandalized, but others think it was the ghosts that haunted the motel. “I stopped to talk to the renters who were going through the rubble”, said Howe, “they indicated they felt the fire was set by the ghosts and that it was not their first attempt to set the place ablaze.”

So what really happened at the Yellow Motel? What really happened at the Felt Mansion and is the Dunes Correctional Facility the site of the mysterious Junction Asylum? Both stories require more research. I would love to head out to both spots and do some recording. It’s definitely worth a try. I’m sure that the ones who know the truth behind both stories are long gone but what if? What if someone has evidence? Something the county doesn’t want people to know about in reference to The Junction. Maybe someone has actually seen the underground tunnels around the Yellow Motel. The quicksand might still be there, and maybe, just maybe, the white dogs are still guarding the area. Please comment and if anyone has further information, I’d love to discuss it.


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  1. Hoss8640 says:

    Pick an off weekend and get Luyk to go and I will go with you. I am game for anything to do with Capone and I would love to get into the Dunes facility……

  2. Jill Rantz says:

    I would love to go visit these areas in our county! I’m game on finding more out!

  3. forestfisher says:

    Seriously? Ok I grew up right by the Felt and spent lots and lots of time in Laketown Twp.  There is no nor has there ever been any melon heads.  And as it turns out one my favorite deer hunting spots happens to be on the grounds of what was the Yellow Motel.  I get there very early in the morning and stay until after it’s dark. I walk right over where the main building was and right across the cement slab that is still there which used to be tennis courts.  Other than being amazingly dark, theres nothing weird or unearthly there. There are no tunnels and the “quick sand” is a swamp.  Just like the rest of Allegan County the property has a couple spots that are very wet and full of black muck.  Nothing you wouldn’t find in the rest of the thousands of acres of state land in the surrounding area.  So save your gas money and just rent a scary movie if you want to spook yourself. 
    -I’ve Been There

  4. tuckeranita79 says:

    the part about the ghost car is true my son and a friend last week were parked by the entrence waiting for a friend and got a bad feeling about being there and turned around and went down by coffmans hill to wait and all of a sudden they seen head lights apper out of no where and keept watching behind them and then disapered  had followed them for a min then gone and there were no roads or driveways around then just vanished

  5. tuckeranita79 says:

    @Hoss8640 trust me you dont want to go to the yellow motel after midnight 2 of my boys did and saw evil stuff

  6. jennymai says:

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