Tech Thursday: Happy Father’s Day to the Geeky and Tech Savvy

Good evening folks! On today’s edition of Tech Thursday we look at a few gifts for your geeky and tech savvy dad. This Sunday is Father’s Day and if you’re like me you want drool at the sight of awesome and completely dorky tech stuff. I would actually be happy with a 22 ounce porterhouse steak but tech gifts are right up there. So what is your dad like? Is he all about cameras? Is he a coffee drinker? Well I have a few items that you’re dad will dig. Mashable.com and The Huffington Post have several gifts for this Father’s Day.


The first gift is for the coffee drinking, sweet snacking, photography enthusiast dad in your life. Now, I don’t take a lot of pictures but I would buy this because it looks awesome! The item is a coffee mug but it’s not just a regular mug. This one looks exactly like a DSLR camera lens. The lid can be used to keep your drink warm or hold your snacks. The mug is as realistic as it gets and Mashable.com shows the KJB Security Camera Lens Cup is available from Amazon for the price of $12.99.



The next gift, also from Amazon, is the Kikkerland Putter Cup Golf Mug. This is the perfect gift for your golf-addicted father. The mug comes equipped with a hole at the bottom of the cup, a miniature golf ball, and a club that is also a pen. You’re dad will be able to practice his shots at a business meeting, or while working in his office. It’s a dorky yet fun gift for dad or any avid golfer.





Next we have the Video Memo from Sharper Image. This little gadget is for the dad with a crappy memory. I say this because I’m one of those dads with a crappy memory. I have an iPhone so I can use it to help me remember a lot of things but I might just buy this gadget. The Video Memo is shaped like a thought bubble and does just what the title says. It allows a three-minute video message and is even date-stamped. Now your dad will have no excuse for his bad memory.


Finally we have a gift for your geeky yet landscaping happy father. The Huffington Post has found a lawnmower from earthtechling.com that looks cool enough that I would buy it and I hate cutting grass. Most normal lawnmowers are noisy and spew exhaust but this one is quiet and clean. The Ultrapower Recharge Mower runs for about $679 and is all out electric. According to The Huffington Post the mower’s battery pack promises 45 minutes worth of cutting time. It can also take 600 charge cycles without losing power. If your dad loves cutting grass, and has a smaller lawn, then this lawnmower is for him.


Make sure to check out all the geeky/tech gifts from the following sites. Cheers and Happy Father’s Day!

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