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Good morning everyone! For some time now I have been talking about how I want to take Jabber Log to the next level. I’ve spoken about new ideas and a while back I mentioned doing podcasts. Now, I haven’t had a lot of time to do this because I work crazy hours, I have a family, and I’m working on my Masters in New Media Journalism. I’m also going to be doing some work for an internet radio company as a social media intern so my schedule will be rather busy but I’m still going to move forward with Jabber Log. This blog is my baby and I’m working to generate new content and continue to entertain everyone. So what I want to do is move forward with the podcasts. I’m thinking that I will interview people and produce episodes for your listening pleasure. Along with the podcasts I want to take advantage of Google+. I know that Google’s social network has hit a rough patch but it is my belief that if people gave it a second look it would hit right up there with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

With that said, I want to use Google+ Hangouts/On Air. If you haven’t heard of this then I will give you a little background on it. Google+ Hangouts are pretty much the same thing as Skype but there is more one can do with it. With Hangouts, the session can hold up to 9 people in a video conference at a time. So let’s say that I start a Hangout and tell people where to go to join in. All nine of us would be able to talk and discuss the topic at hand, plus others would be able to view this. Now with the “On Air” portion of this, I would be able to broadcast live events for others to not only view but to interact with a local band during an interview or something similar. It looks like there is a lot that can be done with Google+ and I intend on exploring more aspects of this social network. It’s just another way for me to engage you, the reader, and entertain as much as possible. Let me know what your thoughts are and below I have provided a short clip on what can been done with Hangouts/On Air. I would also like to know what topics you would like to discuss. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Cheers!


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