Tech Thursday – What if the Internet never existed?

Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log. Today we reflect on the Internet and the thought of not having it. I remember around 1995 when America Online (AOL) hit the scene. There were advertisements all over television showing people connecting online through chat rooms. I was in awe at what could be done with AOL and I wanted to connect right away! Back then I had a stellar Packard Bell sporting Windows ’95. My parents purchased an AOL disc and allowed me to install it. It was New Years Eve and my family was having a party. My friend Adam and I logged on and we began to chat with people from all over. It was awesome but the Internet was still new and there was a lot to learn.

That was the beginning…the Internet got better and better after that. It spawned movies like Hackers, The Net, and many more. Information was easy to find and available to all. Now let’s think about something. What if the Internet never existed? Free information would cost loot with several volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica, television, mobile phones, and music would be completely different. There would be no, “Just Google it,” no tweets, likes, and Ebay would be nothing. Think about it…the world would be completely different and if you can’t imagine it, I have an infographic from Mashable.com that breaks it down. Happy reading and thanks to everyone or should I say Al Gore for the Internet. Also, make sure to comment below on what you think would suck if the Internet never existed. Cheers!


Source: Mashable.com


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