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Good afternoon folks! A lot of different things have been going on with Jabber Log lately. The topics have somewhat shifted since I started my Masters program. The range of topics has gone from mostly personal stories to stories that are centered on specific topics. I feel that it has gone well since there is always a need for new content. It helps me learn more and keeps you, the reader, interested in what I am talking about. The format is going to change slightly with the addition of podcasts and live broadcasts. I will continue to type up posts but I want to move Jabber Log in a more engaging direction.

With that said, I have been accepted to an internship with an Internet radio company. I’ve always wanted to be involved in radio so when I saw that the company was looking for a social media intern I jumped at the chance. I will be involved in pushing content to different social media outlets and the company is also going to help me prepare and master the art of podcasting, interviewing and hopefully creating my own show. It’s going to be very interesting and it is my goal to share it with you on Jabber Log.

One of the first projects we are working on is acquiring 250 votes to be considered for a $250,000 grant that Chase is giving away to a few lucky small businesses. With that said I ask that you go and vote for PWRTALK! Help us get the votes by this Saturday June 30 2012. We appreciate your help and support. Below I have added a message from Lillian Cauldwell, CEO of Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio Inc.

Help us continue to move forward with providing quality information and quality content to the world and help you get your voices heard in this technological and digitalized world.

This grant money will go to numerous things including hiring key personnel and providing more live programming.

Please vote for the PWRTALK so the network can be considered for a $250K small business grant which will help us continue to support our hosts, guests, and programming along with helping our world community.

To vote, click on the below icon for www.missionsmallbusiness.com. Once on the site you will need to click on the Log-In & Support Button. Search for PWRTALK. Click vote and share. You’ll be done in less than 30 seconds. By helping us you continue to help others. Thanks so much!

There you have it folks! Please go to the link provided and help us out! As for the podcasts and such on Jabber Log, I have many ideas and people who want to participate. It’s going to be a fun time so stay tuned!


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