The JCast Episode 0



Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well. I have been getting things ready for the upcoming JCast here on Jabber Log and it’s been fun. I recently met with a friend of mine who will be joining me for a late night show where we will be discussing all kinds of topics. I’m very excited to get started but first we need a name. Out of the awesome conversation we had the only thing missing was a name for our show. For whatever reason we have hit a wall so I would like to look to you, the readers and listeners, to help us come up with a killer name for us. You can simply comment below with any ideas and we would be grateful. I hope you enjoy episode 0 of the JCast and this one revolves around my first official weekend back on nights at 9-1-1 dispatch and a taste of what the late night show will bring. Have a good one folks, listen, share, and share again! Cheers!


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