The JCast Episode 2 Featuring The AudioVillains


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Good morning folks! Hopefully everyone is having a good Sunday morning. A couple days ago I met with a couple buddies of mine to record the second episode of the JCast. The recording went great and we all had a very good time. A few things have changed in the past week, but first I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been listening. It’s appreciated more than you know! In the first episode we were calling ourselves the “underside of the rabbit hole”. We had posted in a few different spots a request for help from the readers and listeners for a new name. We took every suggestion into consideration but in the end we went with the AudioVillains. It’s something we came up with and decided on so we’re sticking to it. Another change is how we end our show. All three of us on the show are into all kinds of music. With that said, we have decided to go out with music that isn’t quite mainstream yet. We want to do our part in helping musicians get their music out there to a bigger audience. And no, we are not getting paid for this. We just believe in helping others and helping those who deserve the airtime but don’t usually get it. If you know of any bands that need some more exposure you can click the contact button to the left or at the top within the navigation bar and send us the information so that we can add it to our list. Also if you have any topic ideas that you would like us to discuss make sure to contact us as well. The song we will be sampling is from a group called HoneyHoney. The track entitled “Angel of Death” is a must listen! I have to say that after listening to it myself I immediately became a fan. The band itself, in my opinion, is a combination of folk, soul, and rock. Make sure to check out HoneyHoney at the links below and share episode 2 of the JCast featuring the AudioVillains. Oh yeah, and make sure to comment on our cast. I know I jacked the name of the new Batman movie twice so I have you beat on that. Have a good one!

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