The Ongoing Battle With Synthetic Drugs


For decades, the American people have been addicted to drugs whether it be recreational or pharmaceutical. According to drugabuse.gov, “Roughly 1 in 9 youth abused prescription drugs in the past year.” A new type to add to this addiction comes in the form of synthetic drugs. Jabber Log ran a story almost four months ago that featured synthetic drugs known as Spice and Bath Salts.

Just after that story, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan passed a bill that would make the drug illegal. WXYZ, a local ABC news affiliate, quoted Snyder as saying, “This is one of those war on drug kind of questions that is going to be a challenge ahead, but I think we have better weapons and tools today and that’s something to be proud of.”

This story is a follow up which features two local officers who share what they know about the drug, a story involving those who have taken it and how Snyder’s bill has changed the way we deal with synthetic drugs.

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