Little Person, Big Issue – The Effort of Nestlings Diaper Bank


Communities around the U.S. have been dealing with the woes of financial problems for some time now. More and more are living in poverty and is a growing problem in Michigan. firststepskent.org reports on Kent County, located in West Michigan, that, “children living in poverty has increased every year of the last decade.”

Now let’s add the stress and worry of not being able to diaper your own child. This could be for the reasons of financial struggle or a shortage. According to nestlings.org, “there are no state or federal programs available to help low income families get diapers and wipes.” They also report that, “parents clean and re-use disposable diapers due to not having enough.”

Nestlings Diaper Bank, a non-profit organization and first in West Michigan, is taking a stand to help those in need. September 10-17 is Diaper Need Awareness Week and Jabber Log met with the co-founder of Nestlings, as well as a local volunteer to spotlight the growing issue of those struggling to afford the diapers needed for their children and how the public can help.

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