The JCast RandomCast – An encounter with my son


In the past I’ve written about my eldest son Richie. If you have read my previous posts then you know the story as to why I cannot say who I am to him. I will not go into detail but a couple weeks ago I was face-to-face with him. He looks like me and there is no way that anyone could say that he is not my son. From what I’ve heard he has my sense of humor and likes some of the same things I do. Some odd things have happened between us and it’s something I have to address. When he was either 9 or 10 he was Luigi for Halloween. When I was around that age I was Mario. When I was younger I was in scouts and he is in scouts now. It’s little things like that, that truly amaze me. We haven’t had that father-son relationship yet we are similar. There are more of the little things but I’ll save that for later. Below you’ll find a short podcast on my encounter with my eldest son Richie. If you’re out there mijo, I hope you listen to this. I love you…


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