The JCast Episode 18 Featuring The AudioVillains


Good afternoon folks and holy crap! I just realized that I forgot to post up our most recent episode. I apologize but it has been a busy week for me and I’m getting to the end of my Masters program so my homework has been kicking my ass. So without further ado I present to you the AudioVillains! This week we talked about all kinds of topics including the Ghost Cities of China, Don Cheadle as Captain Planet, simulation theory and much more. This episode is full of laughs and I have included some YouTube vids that were mentioned in the podcast. Now, I have to warn you, two of the vids are laced with humor and adult language so if you don’t have a sense of humor don’t watch. But if you do then get ready to mess yourself. As always you can email us at audiovillains@thejabberlog.com or click the black button on the left side. Cheers!

(Embed has been disabled but here’s the link.)

Don Cheadle as Captain Planet

(Bonus clip of Samuel L. Jackson reading a story book. *You’ve been warned of humor and language.*)


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