Youth Violence and The Cause

Source: http://growingleaders.com/blog/why-bullying-is-hot-again-and-what-you-can-do/

There are many factors that go into the cause of youth violence. Bullying is at an all time high and media influence is also playing a part. According to the National Center for Children Exposed To Violence, “Television alone is responsible for 10% of youth violence.” Other factors include peer pressure, ethnicity/race and gender.

With that said, we at Jabber Log have been working diligently on a piece involving youth violence. This piece will contain video, audio, images and more on what causes it, the people who have lived through it and those working to prevent it. It is still a work in progress and we are gathering more information in order to deliver a well-balanced piece. Now, the Internet is full of information and statistics are everywhere but the best place to get solid information is to ask the readers. Below is a survey targeted at teenagers to see what they have dealt with and their opinion on youth violence. We ask that all questions be filled out. This survey is for informational purposes only.

Youth Violence and The Cause

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