The JCast Episode 21 Featuring The AudioVillains


Good evening folks! The AudioVillains are back again with episode 21! Where’s episode 20 you ask? Well, like every show, there is a lost episode. For us, episode 20 is our lost episode. We had some technical difficulties and although it was a great show there was some static that ruined it. Either way though, we are back after a couple weeks off and we kicked ass! This week we talked about 80’s Kung-Fu movies, the paradox of time travel and Terminator 3, and finally we made some cracks at Mike Tyson. It’s something we would never do in person because we would get our asses handed to us but in the end it was all fun and games. As always you can email us at audiovillains@thejabberlog.com or click the black button on the left. Cheers!


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