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theJCastLogoHello everyone! I hope that everyone is having an excellent day. I wanted to clear up a few things with the iTunes subscriptions. I have recently split the main RSS feed into three separate ones. The reason for this is because some shows might not be suited for all audiences. There are two main shows within the JCast. The first show features the AudioVillains. This show is full of adult content, language and humor. We are three guys telling it how we see it and it’s a NSFW (not safe for work) show. The second show is called Within the Trenches and is based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. This is a clean show and is SFW (safe for work).

The gist of this post is that if you would like both shows you can subscribe to that feed. If you want to subscribe to one over the other then you can do that as well. I am working on adding them to the sidebar of the site and I will add them to this post. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the JCast on Jabber Log!


The JCast (all shows)

The JCast – Within the Trenches

The JCast – The AudioVillains


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