The Jabber Log and Threadsy Giveaway

Official Within the Trenches T-shirtGood morning everyone! I hope you are having an excellent Sunday morning. I’m writing to announce that Jabber Log and Threadsy have joined forces to spread the word on not only the Within the Trenches podcast but the great work that Threadsy is doing. Now, if you are unsure what Within the Trenches is then here is the quick and easy explanation. It’s a podcast based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. The show is taking off and we were trying to hit 500 ‘Likes’ on the Facebook fanpage in order to do a t-shirt giveaway. Thanks to Diary of a Mad Dispatcher, Through the Eyes of a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, Emergency Response for Dummies, The Cool Kids of 9-1-1 and more, for helping us hit our mark!

With that said, the giveaway has begun! Threadsy a t-shirt company with a mission to help those in need have teamed up with Jabber Log for this giveaway. According to their official website, “we make lifestyle products that help fund charity projects across the world. We sell each tee for 7 days and give $7 of every product sold directly to that week’s charity.” Right now Threadsy is running a campaign for the No Kid Hungry movement. It’s an excellent campaign they are working on and they do all the custom design work in-house. “One week. One cause.” That’s how they do it and although this giveaway is not for a specific charity it’s to help promote Within the Trenches and feature the first “first responders.” They are the people who help you in your time of need and sometimes over a 16 hour shift. They take horrific calls and rarely get any recognition. Well it’s time to change that and with this podcast I intend on telling their stories.

A big thanks goes out to Seth Manthei, CEO of Threadsy for the help on this giveaway. It means a lot and to anyone who is reading this, please go to their website and check out the great things they are doing. You won’t be sorry and it’s for a great cause!

Now for the giveaway. There are three things that must be done in order to qualify. The giveaway will last from January 26th – February 2nd (midnight). Three official Within the Trenches t-shirts are up for grabs and this is one of two giveaways. If we happen to reach 1,000 ‘Likes’ then we will do another round of t-shirts and coffee mugs.

Step 1 – Like Jabber Log on Facebook

Step 2 – Like Threadsy Tee on Facebook (tell them Jabber Log sent you)

Step 3 – Listen to the first episode of Within the Trenches and message me on the Jabber Log Facebook Fanpage (not on wall) and tell me what I told the Chief of Police when he asked if I had any skeletons in my closet. It’s right in the beginning and funny. It’ll be worth it! Once you get the answer, message me with it and as long as you’ve done the first two you are qualified. Remember, DO NOT POST THE ANSWER ON THE WALL.

Let’s have fun with this and make sure to share this with all you know!


2 comments on The Jabber Log and Threadsy Giveaway

  1. theladyjudah says:

    I’m so proud of where you are taking this project, Compañero! I will make sure that I share your links on my FB page to help with more exposure.  Keep up the excellent progress!

    1. Ricardo says:

      Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! Things are getting crazy. 8)

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