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Hello everyone! I just wanted to drop a line to update you on some stuff that has been going on lately. I have been busy brainstorming on ideas for merchandise and Within the Trenches, the podcast that goes with the current items sold here. Along with that I have been dealing with some dental issues and I have been in a lot of pain. It’s been a hard week but I’m dealing with it and recovering to the best of my ability.

One of the big show ideas is to have a mixed panel where it would include police, fire, ems and another significant part of emergency services. The episode would give a balanced look at what goes on out on the road, field, and within dispatch. But in order to do this we need everyone’s help to raise at least $1,100. It would go to the extra mics, stands, cords, headphones, and a bigger headphone amp. The extra money will go to a bigger hosting package for our shows.

We have shirts, hoodies and mugs to choose from so help us out, we would really appreciate it! Just go to thejabberlogstore.com or you can even donate a little money by clicking the donate button on the right. Thanks!

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