Because knowing is half the battle

shirtFrontGood evening everyone! This post is sort of a part 2 to my last post entitled, “Help us reach our goal.” In that post I was asking for everyone’s help to raise some extra money for the podcast. This is sort of the same but the difference is that I have launched a new campaign through a crowdfunding site called Teespring. It’s pretty much the same as Kickstarter but they work with people trying to sell t-shirts and such.

The t-shirt featured in this campaign takes a page out of the G.I.JOE book and since I’m an 80’s kid, it takes me back, but it also adds a mixture of 9-1-1 dispatch. It runs for $17 and the goal is to sell 150 t-shirts. The money will go directly to fund the Within the Trenches podcast and the new ventures we are exploring. Two big ideas are to do a mixed panel episode where police, fire and ems would be present to give a balanced outlook at what everyone does in emergency services. The second idea is to add some nice cams to do video episodes while in-house. The audio podcasts would still be there but the video would be something extra for our audience.

I will provide the link below so that you can check out the t-shirt and the campaign ends April 7 2013 at midnight. Our goal is to sell 150 t-shirts but just like Kickstarter, it’s an all or nothing venture. If we don’t make the goal, the shirts will not be made and no one gets charged a dime. It all works out pretty well but we want to make that goal or even surpass it before the deadline. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking the contact button on the left. Thanks and share the link with those you know. Cheers!

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