Within the Trenches Bonus Ep3


podcastfeedLogoNewGood afternoon everyone this is Ricardo and I am back with another bonus episode of Within the Trenches. Whitney and I had planned on doing an episode yesterday but after she worked for 14 hours, babysat, went to the doctor and came back for another four hours of work, she decided she should probably go home and sleep since she had not slept at all the entire day. I don’t blame her a bit. I decided to go at it alone and in this episode I cover some good information on a class I took recently from PowerPhone called Protecting Law Enforcement Officers. It deals with scene safety, taking control of the call and much more. I also play a tape that is a bit more intense from previous ones. There are some big announcements in this episode so make sure to listen and share folks! As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com and if you would like to hear more tapes from the Dispatch Magazine On-Line library you can follow the link below. Cheers!

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Episode topics –

  • PowerPhone class
  • Stay healthy
  • Avoid 300 call syndrome
  • Joe Horn Call
  • Next weeks guest is KMK of Diary of a Mad Dispatcher
  • New Within the Trenches Podcast Fan Page on Facebook

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