An open house to remember

RicardoAs of today I have four shifts left in dispatch. It has been a hell of an adventure. There are so many stories and close friendships that I have made that I have lost count. Yesterday my center held an open house for my assistant director and I. It was good to spend some quality time with my second family. My director and training coordinator said a few words and we all shared in the laughter and tears. At the end of the open house we sat around and told stories. It would have been a great episode to record but the memory will remain with me. It’s hard to put what I felt into words but it was great nonetheless.

I received a few cards from my co-workers, which were great but I waited to open them until I was in the office by myself and for good reason. The kind words left me speechless and I cried a little bit. I’m happy to start my new adventure but it is also hard to say goodbye. For example, one of my co-workers was leaving and she asked if she would see us in the next couple of days and we said no because we are on the opposite side. She stared for a moment and I asked, “Is this it?”

“Yes…” she replied.

I jumped up and gave her a hug and she told me to promise to stay in touch.  It was a bittersweet moment. Thank you for always making me laugh Michelle! Before that I was in the office and my assistant director walked in. She asked if I was working the following day and I told her yes but it turned out that she would be gone before I got there. We hugged and said our goodbyes. It was an emotional farewell since we were both moving on from dispatch and she had been my trainer and one of my biggest supporters. Thank you Tammy for being there for me. I appreciate it more than you know. I am honored to have met and worked with you my friend.

It’s friendships like this that make it hard to leave but it is something I have to do. Now, there are many more people I have to thank but I will leave that for my next post. As of today I have four shifts left in dispatch. I’m on the homestretch but it’s hard to say goodbye.


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