The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 41


newAudioVillainsPodcastCover3Hello everyone and we are back for episode 41 of The AudioVillains Podcast! This is the second half of our double shot that we recently recorded. In this episode we talk World Star Hip Hop. Now, when Eddie first mentioned this I seriously thought it was about rap battles. As I watched the video’s on YouTube I quickly realized this was not about rap battles. In fact, the vids are about street fights (for the record, we do not condone this, it is simply part of our society). The vids brought up a topic that we have never touched on before. The topic dealt with how we as humans get pumped to watch a fight. We even touched on how we get some sort of satisfaction from doing things in video games that have no consequence. The conversation is definitely interesting so make sure to check it out and share! As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com.

Episode topics –

  • World Star Hip Hop
  • How a white guy drops the N bomb and is dealt with in a World Star Hip Hop vid
  • Satisfaction from doing things without consequence
  • How a diet of Red Bull and a sandwich is not good

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