Within the Trenches Ep 59


podcastfeedLogoNewWithin the Trenches is back with episode 59! This is just one of several episodes recorded last week during the Indiana NENA state conference. In this episode I sat down to talk with Julie, Deputy Director with Bartholomew 9-1-1 Center and Claudia who is a dispatcher with Fayette County Communications. We share stories of messing up on the mic, burnout and how to deal with hitting a rough patch and renewing your love for dispatch.

This is a must listen so check it out and share! As always you can email the show at wttpodcast@gmail.com.

Episode topics –

  • How Julie started in 9-1-1
  • How Claudia started in 9-1-1
  • Messing up on the mic
  • Burnout



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