Within the Trenches Ep 62


wttNewLogoGood afternoon and happy Friday! This episode will be the final episode from the Indiana NENA conference. It was an excellent time and I can’t wait for next year! In this episode I spoke with Jeanene and Kelsie, dispatchers with Vigo County Central Dispatch. This episode is as real as it gets. It’s a look at true stories as well as the humor that goes with the job. It’s not just about being great at what dispatchers do; it’s about the humor needed to make it through this very stressful job. I commend you both for the job you do and all the dispatchers I met in Indiana.

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Episode topics –

  • How Jeanene got her start
  • How Kelsie got her start
  • Dispatch calls
  • Domestic bedpan
  • Burglar ice pops

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