Vote for Rob McMullen, ENP for NENA 2nd Vice President – Part 1

robMDear NENA member,

I am Rob McMullen, ENP, and current North-Central Regional Director for NENA. I am seeking election to the position of NENA 2nd Vice President and would like the support or endorsement from you.

Serving as a regional director has given me the experience to be a good leader for our industry in the position of NENA 2nd VP. I have learned a lot in my tenure on the Executive Board and look forward to taking on the new challenges this position will present. Like you, I began my service to NENA on a state/chapter level in leadership. I served as president of Indiana NENA in 2008. I then got involved on a national level through serving on operation committees and eventually taking leadership roles in those committees. Running for North-Central Regional Director has allowed me to work with a dedicated NENA Executive Board and hopefully make a difference. I want to continue on my journey of service to NENA by running for 2nd Vice President.

I have worked in the 9-1-1 industry for 17 years and have gone from dispatcher to director. I attribute my career success to my passion for the industry, hard work, personal integrity and involvement with NENA. It is my desire to give back to this association through my service. Some of my top priorities are listed below:

  • I want to continue to increase the association’s membership and act as the voice of the telecommunicator and PSAP.
  • The association has put a great deal of time and effort into improving wireless location accuracy and I want to continue to support the PSAPs in this project so that every 9-1-1 caller can be found.
  • I applaud early adopters and support Next Generation 9-1-1. However, I also recognize there are still areas without 9-1-1 services and want to assist these areas in obtaining an equal level of 9-1-1 services.

While I am unable to travel to every chapter to campaign, I wanted to reach out to you and provide your membership with some information about myself. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and/or your board via conference call as well. I hope that you will post my bio on your website and encourage your members to vote for me. A vote for me is a vote for every PSAP in North America!

Thank you for your support.

Voting starts April 28, 2015.


Vote for Rob here

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