Simplify your Communications Training Officer Program with Agency360’s Field Training Software

Agency360LogoA guest blog post by Matt Molter

You find it rewarding to be a Communications Training Officer (CTO), but it’s been a long day with the trainee that hasn’t gone well. You are so busy that your 12 hour shift has turned into 14 and finally the time to go home arrives. But then you remember…you still need to fill out your daily observation (field training paperwork) for the new dispatcher.

CTOs are a critical component for a successful trainee experience, and their documentation is imperative for liability protection. While most dispatch centers have high tech software for handling calls, many are still using pen and paper for their daily observations and other on-boarding documentation. If the agency happens to use a Word document or PDF fillable form, these forms still need to be printed and signed to ensure the trainee receives feedback.

The cumbersome nature of manual paper forms creates a hassle to track information down and ensure that a trainee’s file is complete. Quality issues arise in the absence of a consistent, standardized training program. These challenges result in a limited ability to address training issues in a timely manner and be proactive in preventing problems. And without easy, real-time access to the data, supervisors can look like they’re out of touch when asked about the status of a trainee or the overall group, especially on short notice.

It doesn’t have to be that way any longer! Agency360 is on a mission to change this approach. Our web-based field training software is designed to manage the documentation of your on-boarding training program online. Using Internet connectivity, trainers, trainees, supervisors, and administrators can access and complete their information anytime, anywhere. With fields that you can modify, the software can be adapted to your way of training and help ensure your agency-specific policies and procedures are covered.

To learn more check out our website at http://www.agency360.com?utm_source=withinthetrenches or come see us in Booth 154 at the NENA Conference in Denver June 29th and 30th!


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