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Taming Terror

One of my admins on this page is currently working in Florida and is preparing for Hurricane Irma with her crew at her PSAP. This is an honest look at what she is experiencing. Please read, share and sending prayers and good vibes to you my friend.
Written by: Daphanie Bailes – Within the Trenches Admin, In Between the Chaos columnist for IAED & Senior Telecommunicator and Communications Training Coordinator for Martin County Fire Rescue
Taming Terror
Pacing, singing, joking, making lists, wishing for the 911 lines to ring just to keep from watching the Weather Channel over and over and over…..all ways that I have attempted to keep myself focused and not think about the impending bitch of a hurricane named IRMA. “♪♫Waiting is the hardest part…♫♪”
How can I not think about it? Like many of my co-workers, I have children and my husband is essential personnel. I just want to stay home with my munchkin and play trucks on the floor, to be there to hold him when he’s scared, for my spouse to hold me when I can’t hold back the constant level of anxiety that threatens to boil over at any time… Think about something else, think about something else…Did I pack him enough clothes, diapers, wipes and toys? UGH!
With the recent devastation from Hurricane Harvey, no one is taking any chances with IRMA. Florida has not seen a storm of this magnitude since the 1920s. Nine MILLION people expected to be without power for an undetermined amount of time. Holy crap! Well that doesn’t make me feel any better. My phone is BLOWING UP! Text after text arrives from worried family. “Don’t risk your life for a job.” “Get out of there!” But this is what we do. We help people before we help ourselves. We wait until well after the storm passes to check on our own homes, to hear from our own families.
I try to remain positive during the thick of it all to help my team mates, to try to take their minds off the worries that we all share. I am grateful. We are in a secure facility. We have electricity and access to food. We have a ton of Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue family to lift us up and help us if things don’t turn out so well. We have done all we can to prepare and what will be, will be. “♫♪ Let it be, let it be…♪♫”
I know the worst is still yet to come. I know there are people who are going to catch this storm worse than we will, but we are here. We are here to answer the calls, every day, through the storm and after. To be a light, a calming voice, an avenue to hope and help. To have the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon. We are expected to hold it all together when the world is falling apart. Again, that is what we do.

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