January Podcast Sponsor

I am excited and honored to have the 911 Training Institute as the sponsor for the month of January.

The 911 Training Institute (911TI) is founded by Jim Marshall, an accomplished licensed mental health professional, specializing in trauma exposure. In 2005, he brought his professional mental health expertise to the 911 industry. Since then, he’s trained thousands of public-safety dispatchers from police and fire agencies throughout the United States.

Marshall integrates principles of psychology with the field of emergency communications to boost dispatcher resilience and help equip them to manage unique 911 stressors. He also delivers call-mastery courses that equip dispatchers to better handle calls from people experiencing a mental health crisis. This dual approach to training helps dispatchers optimize their personal health at home and professional performance at work. 911TI offers a variety of training courses to achieve this mission: Survive & Thrive Comprehensive Stress Resilience, introductory Power of Peer Support and the Certified Peer Supporter, Certified Emergency Mental Health Dispatcher, Building LifeBridges to Suicidal Callers, Peak Performance through Optimized Home Life, Peak Performance in Managing Domestic Violence Calls, and the all new, Not “Just a Dispatcher”.

911TI recognizes that dispatchers perform elite work that is psychologically and emotionally demanding; they have to have elite skills and a healthy mindset so they’re not victims of the work they do. Resilient dispatchers guided by expertly designed and delivered training can master their calls, dispatch with excellence, and take great care of themselves. That’s what 911TI is uniquely qualified to deliver. Visit our website, find us on social media, and learn more about the training programs we offer.

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