2018 National NENA/Month of June Sponsor

Once again I am excited to have Kim Turner, LLC. as a sponsor but this time for the National NENA conference as well as for the month of June. To learn more about Kim Turner, LLC. please read below and follow their links on social media.

Kim Turner, LLC. –

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide immersive, relevant training and consulting for the next generation of public safety 911 professionals and organizations.

Our Vision

Gone are the days of mind-numbing Power Point® slideshows with no student participation and endless war stories. Our instructors and consultants are current industry leaders and practitioners who are results-driven. We integrate proven adult learning methodologies, critical thinking, and thoughtful questioning to create rich learning environments where our students thrive in their training and development.

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to thrive in the classroom to better support you as a positive change agent in your organization and we accomplish this by challenging your critical thinking skills in a respectful and rewarding way.  We work with the most renowned agencies in the country, small one-seat operations, and every size between. Our training is appropriate for dispatch, professional and sworn staff.

For more information –

Kim Turner, LLC – Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Web

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