Month of June / National NENA Sponsor

I am very excited to partner up with RapidSOS, a leader in emergency technology that will help save lives for years to come. Their work on location accuracy is top notch and this past week they made an exciting announcement as they partner with Apple to deliver accurate location. You can read more about it here. Again, I am excited, honored and proud to be partnering up with RapidSOS as they sponsor the podcast for the month of June as well as the National NENA conference. To learn more please make sure to check them out below.

RapidSOS is an emergency technology company that has spent the past five years working with the public safety community to provide a rich data link from any connected device to 911 and first responders. Through RapidSOS’ NG911 Clearinghouse, a PSAPs trusted source of supplemental device location and additional data, 911 can receive life-saving caller data from sources like Uber and Waze through their existing call-taking, CAD, and mapping software.

RapidSOS – Facebook | Twitter | Web | YouTube

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