Ricardo Martinez II is a creative individual who is using his skills in writing, design, and podcasting to tell the stories of those he works with. For 13 years he has answered the call of a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Throughout his years in dispatch he was able to go to school where he received an Associate’s in web development through Baker College, a Bachelor’s in graphic design through Full Sail University as well as a Master’s in new media journalism in March of 2013.

Before starting his Master’s program he launched Jabber Log, a blog about current events and his life stories. His personal blog posts became a hit with his audience and one such post even appeared on WordPress.com’s “Freshly Pressed” section on their main page. From there his blog opened doors that included promotions for businesses, artists and musicians. Once he started his Master’s program he began doing multimedia stories that can be found on his YouTube channel. Through this program he discovered podcasting. It spawned a series that tells the stories of those in the field of emergency services.

He then created a podcast version of a segment on his blog called Within the Trenches, a section of writing based on his experience as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. He launched Kickstarter campaign to raise $1,500 for the equipment needed for a show that would feature the stories of 9-1-1 dispatchers. The campaign was funded and can now be found at www.thejabberlog.com. His goal is to tell the story of everyone he meets.

“I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I want to do everything I can to bring that story to life.”

- Ricardo

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  1. Lady Judah says:

    I think it’s GREAT, Ricardo! Actually reading this has kinda given me some ideas of what tone I’m looking for. Awesome job!

    – Charity C. Campbell

    1. Ricardo says:

      Thanks and glad I could help!

  2. unique says:

    I like the colors and the sense of humor you have on your page. You can already feel the tone is very open and laid back.

  3. elmhughes says:

    Are you still dispatching?

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