School’s out in three weeks!

Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've written on Jabber Log. I've been pretty busy lately with family, work, and especially school. I have about 3 weeks left and I'm trying to concentrate on my studies as much as possible. My final class revolves around my professional portfolio that will be given to potential clients and employers in the future. All of my assets have been put together and I'm close to being done. Graduation is coming up fast and I can't wait! There will be a lot of Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: Father vs. Daughter

Hello folks and happy Saturday to all! It's been a while since I've written a post for Diaper Wars. I do apologize for this but in all honesty I have not had a lot of material to go off of. Sure I have my little girl who is growing and growing but with my work schedule I don't get to change a lot of her diapers. My wife and I are still using cloth and loving every moment of it. Our little Lola is growing so fast and Logan is doing great as a big brother. It seems as though both of our kids have hit Read more [...]

Tech Thursday – Jailbreaking could become illegal.

Tech Thursday on Jabber Log – Brought to you and part by Mashable.

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Mr. Mars Mr. Mars may we travel through your stars?

Throughout this school year I have heard my 7 year old son talk about what he’s doing in P.E. He’s been doing things like roller skating and gymnastics. It sounds cool but what about all the fun games? Sure roller-skating is fun and learning how to tumble and flip is cool but where are all the fun games? You know, the ones I used to play when I was his age. Let’s take a trip to the late 80’s and early 90’s. When I was in school I had the privilege of playing games like Mr. Mars. You Read more [...]

How to Survive a West Michigan Winter

For the past few weeks it has snowed consistently in West Michigan. Well...that's not entirely true. It snowed to the point that I thought Old Man Winter had finally awaken. Then, the other night, there was a thunderstorm! Yeah, you read that right. In the middle of January there was a thunderstorm complete with lightening.  Only in Michigan would weather like this take place. I have been holding off on writing this post until we were right smack in the middle of winter but now the snow is gone. Read more [...]

Street Justice Is Always Bloody

Gandhi once said, "An eye for eye makes the whole world blind." Is this something you believe? I'm sure we were all brought up to be kind to others and show sympathy and compassion but do we always feel this way? How about murderers and hardened criminals? I have seen court hearings where a suspect will stand up and address a victims family or families depending on the case and some apologize for what they have done. At times the family has forgiven the suspect but I have always thought about Read more [...]

In Search of Silent Hill

Ever since I was a kid I have had a fascination with all things horror. I know, I'm a weirdo but it's true. I dig what lurks in the darkness and things that go bump in the night. I grew up in Fennville, MI and my house was haunted. Now, I know that not everyone believes in ghosts or haunted houses but this home was definitely haunted. When you're able to hear kids asking for help through the vents, it's something that lets you know you're not alone. There's more to my house but I won't go into it Read more [...]

What can be done when we stand united.

Good morning fellow Jabber Loggers! The past couple days have been excellent for the people of the world and the Internet. For some time now there has been talk about a couple bills that go by SOPA and PIPA. These bills were meant to protect creative property from piracy but in turn would do more harm than good. The bills would ultimately censor the Internet but they were met with rage and revolt from the people. On January 18th, 2012, several sites went dark in protest over SOPA AND PIPA. Even major Read more [...]

How Pinteresting Are You?

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday! There have been a lot of new sites popping up lately but none have had such a following like today's featured site. Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ but what about something that's a bit more Pinteresting? Instead of seeing what everyone is doing and what lame games they are playing let's learn something new or discover new Pinterests. How about some costume ideas, new recipes, DIY's (do it yourself), crafts, clothing, destinations, Read more [...]

Virtual Peace of Mind – Just a scan away.

This following is the essay I mentioned in my previous post, "Emotional Advertising and the Idea of Chipping". Technology has always been used to the advantage of the people. It has made everyday life simple in many ways. Communication, Media and even Healthcare have benefited from it. With healthcare in mind, technology has been a large contributor to the progress of man. It has been so beneficial that the FDA has approved a way for healthcare and security to follow us wherever we go. A tiny chip Read more [...]
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