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UFC with a side of Dave

Two nights ago I had the pleasure of spending some time at the residence of Dave Rich. He and his wife hosted an excellent UFC party. I had arrived late but was able to witness the last two matches that made up UFC 129 St-Pierre vs. Shields. My buddy Adam and I were greeted with open arms once it was confirmed that this was indeed the home of Dave Rich. We had walked in hearing, "who's that?" but were promptly given a frosty one after our greeting. The last couple rounds of the Aldo vs. Hominick Read more [...]

Do you like me? Circle yes or no.

Ah young love. Do you remember your first love? Do you remember your first love note? If your first love note was around elementary or within middle school you probably received a straight up "I love you" note or a "Do you like me? Circle yes or no." It's interesting how even at a very young age we seek acceptance for what we believe is love. I suppose it is called puppy love, the beginning of the butterflies, and the time when you are in "like" with someone because you are too young to know the Read more [...]

That’s a little sloppy, Joe

Tonight my family and I had a nice spaghetti dinner and the sauce was superb and the added meat was delicious but it made me wonder. What exactly was within the meat we were eating? It made me think of a video I saw a long time ago. It dealt with something we have all eaten at least once in our lives and it's non other than a Sloppy Joe. But what was in the meat or what was the meat? According to legend, back in the 1930's, a man named Joe O'Sullivan caught his wife sleeping with another man. Read more [...]

Let’s name her Rogue…err we need some help.

So recently my wife and I found out we were having a girl and at the moment they told us I started making a list of things I needed before she graced the world with her presence. First thing I wrote down was buying a gun, and not just any gun but something that would scare the shit out of someone. I know how I was when I was younger and...well let's just say that I don't want any pesky riffraff around. Within the middle of this list was the decision of her name and it should have been at the top Read more [...]

Wake up stupid!

As I sit here sipping on some Honey Brown I can't help but reflect on Easter 2011. I started out the morning a little later than usual, I made a friendly trip to the local infirmary, which the reason is on a need to know basis and you don't need to know, and finally I capped it off with an excellent roast beast and tators made by my beautiful wife. Is there anything I left out? Ah yes! The lesson for today is to always set a second &*^%$ alarm because your dumbass will miss the first one at least Read more [...]

It begins!!!

How’s it going everyone and welcome to Jabber Log! This is where I blog on everything for everyone. It will include posts from my every day life to news on movies, music, techno geek shizz and anything I find funny and worth posting. Some posts will be based on local events and others will be from outside of the “mitten”. Thank you for joining me and let’s get started mofo’s! Read more [...]
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