May The Cloth Be With You

Diaper Wars: Attack of the Splash

Good afternoon folks! It has been quite some time since my last Diaper Wars post and I apologize for that. Since my last post my wife has pretty much taken the reigns on our cloth diaper adventure. She has taken up with a gang of cloth diaper moms for play dates and I believe there was a gangland battle at a playground with a gang of disposable diaper moms but I cannot disclose the result of this. Also I’m just joking but it would be funny to see right? Anyway, my wife is trying new types of Read more [...]

The Share A Story Giveaway: The Finalists

Good afternoon folks! Last night the Share A Story Giveaway between EcoBuns & Jabber Log closed. The stories have been reviewed and the finalists were chosen. Let me tell you, the stories are excellent and very funny! You can read them here, however, if you want to vote on the best one you need to go to EcoBuns Fan Page on Facebook and "Like" each story. Make sure to get all of your friends and families together to come over and vote! Good luck to the finalists! 1. Jumper…Poo? well i guess Read more [...]

EcoBuns & Jabber Log Present: The Share A Story Giveaway!

Hello folks and welcome to the second collaboration between EcoBuns and Jabber Log. It's been some time since the first but we're back with another giveaway! So what's up for grabs this time? Well as you can see from the image here, it's a brand new GroVia print and the best part is that it's not even in stores yet. Yep, that's right, you will have a chance to win this superb looking print and be the envy of the cloth world before it hits stores in mid April. So, you're probably asking yourself, "Well Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: Florida Edition

Good morning to all! I hope you had a happy and safe St. Patricks Day last night. It's been a while since my last post on Diaper Wars but it's back and today's episode is a Florida Edition. My family and I recently returned from vacation but while I was there and on break a few things that involved our cloth adventure occurred. It was interesting enough that I had to write about it. Before we headed out to Florida I began to worry that it was going to be rather hard to use cloth diapers while Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: Father vs. Daughter

Hello folks and happy Saturday to all! It's been a while since I've written a post for Diaper Wars. I do apologize for this but in all honesty I have not had a lot of material to go off of. Sure I have my little girl who is growing and growing but with my work schedule I don't get to change a lot of her diapers. My wife and I are still using cloth and loving every moment of it. Our little Lola is growing so fast and Logan is doing great as a big brother. It seems as though both of our kids have hit Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: Beyond the Prefold

Hello and Merry early Clothmas! I realize it has been a while since I wrote on Diaper Wars but I have been occupied with a lot of things lately. Between family, work, school, and the success of Jabber Log, I have been involved with many projects. Luckily I have gathered a team of writers that have done excellent work in helping with the workload. Since the last time I wrote on Diaper Wars a lot has changed. I am still all about cloth diapers but the use of Prefolds has changed. Now, my wife and I Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: Wrapped Around Her Little Finger

It's funny how one person can have such an influence on you. This person can come in the form of your parent, a friend, a movie or TV figure, a musician, an artist, and your children. Right now someone has such an influence on me that my entire way of thinking is affected. I consider myself to be a pretty strong person but when it comes to my 2-month-old daughter I’m mush. She can’t talk yet but her facial gestures, coos, and general warmth gets me every time. We have had our moments where we Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: The 3 P’s of Parenting

Oh the 3 P's of Parenting. The 3 P's are something that parents and well, I guess anyone who is around kids has to deal with. If you don't know what the 3 P's are, they stand for, Pee, Poop, and Puke. Yes, you did read that right. Everyone has dealt with this one time or another and some more than others. My wife and I have been dealing with this a lot lately. Our daughter will be 2 months old in a few days and this is all she does right now besides looking cute. It's really no big deal but our kids Read more [...]

Communicating with an eyebrow.

This past Tuesday I experienced something amazing. I communicated with my daughter through the use of an eyebrow. Now, I can't say for sure that what I experienced was complete communication but after I explain what happened you can generate your own conclusion. So this past Tuesday my wife went with our son on a field trip. I was a little worried because Lola, our daughter, was staying with me and my wife is her only source of food. Sure she could pump but we need a better pump before we go all Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: The Cloth Strikes Back

For the past two weeks my wife and I have been running a trial with disposables over cloth diapers. I have enjoyed the convenience of them but they have been rather messy. I posted a few weeks back that my problem with cloth diapers was that my daughter kept wetting through them. The disposables on the other hand kept her dry but they allowed for messy blowouts. Well, after our trial with disposables, feedback from readers, and the excellent customer service at EcoBuns, we are back on track with Read more [...]
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