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The JCast Episode 4 Featuring The AudioVillains

Hello folks! The AudioVillains of the JCast on Jabber Log are back again with episode 4. This time we visit the world of zombies and what we would do if we had to fight to survive. We also discuss what type of weapons we would use, and what area we go to for safety. Yeah, we geek it up but it's funny stuff! Throw in some discussion on discipline, food poisoning, and other random topics and you have a kickass podcast. As always if you have any topic suggestions, questions, or people we should interview, Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 3 Featuring the AudioVillains

Hello folks and welcome to another episode of the JCast featuring the AudioVillains. This week we recorded a block of episodes just in case we were unable to make this week. Episode 3 contains good laughs, interesting stories and random notes. There are some pops and heavy breathing but once we get better mics for everyone, that will be the thing of the past. It's actually rather minimal but you'll be laughing at so much other stuff that you won't even notice it. If you have any requests for topics Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 2 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good morning folks! Hopefully everyone is having a good Sunday morning. A couple days ago I met with a couple buddies of mine to record the second episode of the JCast. The recording went great and we all had a very good time. A few things have changed in the past week, but first I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been listening. It's appreciated more than you know! In the first episode we were calling ourselves the "underside of the rabbit hole". We had posted in a few different spots Read more [...]
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