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Maddie Larkin – Letters From My Cold Heart

There comes a time when one realizes the power of music. Our lives revolve around it. Music can tug at our emotional strings, influence how we feel, and pinpoint a specific memory from our past. I for one can recall a memory with a song and explain in detail what was going on just by hearing that one song. It’s interesting how we can do this. We relate our memories and experiences in life with music. To me it’s rather therapeutic. Life continues to change. Change can include new musical types Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Ending (The Creative Corner)

She opened her robe and exposed herself. Jason gave her a blank stare. A deer in headlights is what she called that stare of his and he wanted nothing to do with her. He turned around and walked toward the living room. Ellen groaned, closed her robe and took her drink to the bedroom. Jason laid down on the couch and marinated on what had occurred. Hours passed and Ellen had not come out of the bedroom. The aroma of the Christmas ham had begun to fill the air. His stomach growled. As he got up to Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Part 2 (The Creative Corner)

Jason was baffled at Ellen’s response. This was how he remembered the Christmas of 1996. It was also the beginning of his family’s downfall. They were no longer the perfect family that he stared at in the portrait. He shook his head hard to snap himself out of the trance he was in. He rubbed his eyes and looked to the left of him. He grouped the trigger of his revolver and glared at Ellen. She was calm and still with the resemblance of a mannequin. She was silent; she muttered no words of hatred. Read more [...]

Holiday Mourning – Part 1 (The Creative Corner)

The bedroom was filled with Christmas Carols. Joy to the World was on the radio and Jason sat at the edge of his bed with his revolver. His heart raced and his hand shook as if feigning for a cancer stick. The room was showered with blood and the scent of Christmas dinner lingered in the air. Jason scratched his head in confusion and stared at a family portrait. He looked at himself back then, back when Cody was still alive. He was finally able to convince his wife Ellen to take that family picture. Read more [...]

The sushi of old and liquid of television

Many things have contributed to my love for writing and designing. Music puts me in the mood to do what I do. The story lines in certain movies get my creative juices flowing and cartoons take me to the fantasy world that is my child like imagination. It truly helps to inspire me. Out of everything though, I have to say that two shows affected me the most. The shows aired on MTV back when they actually paid attention to music. It was in the early 90's and every now and then MTV would air a couple Read more [...]

Not the norm

Alright Jabber Loggers I need your help! I need some suggestions and I know I can count on you to hook me up with some awesome ideas. So let's look at this picture. Do you know who this is? If not, this is Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Not only is this guy badass but he likes to yell some choice profanities and he does it well. Combine his words with this look and you have an epic response to someone. With this said, imagine that you are in a public setting and you happen to see someone with Read more [...]

Sleep Sew Crochet Repeat

On today's edition of "The Creative Corner" I would like to highlight someone who means the world to me. Someone who I consider my partner in crime and soon to be partner in cloth during the Diaper Wars Saga. I'm talking about my wife Rebecca. Why am I highlighting my wife? Well, she's badass! What other reason do I need? I suppose I could say there was a threat of a night on the couch but I would be lying, though the couch is nice. The threat comment is not true just an attempt to be funny and besides, Read more [...]

An elder for the ages

An elder for the ages A gurney holds our elder, an elder for the ages. Tonight was her night, the night my grandfather came. "It is time to go Manuela, our children will be fine." As gentle as her touch, she left this place. Now on her way, she is taken to her chariot. Her children scream, the walls echo their wails. No me dejas mamasita, momma do not leave me. The wounded sob, but pick up the pieces. They know in time, they will see her again. An elder for the ages, our elder Read more [...]

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Taking a call can bring such fear; a yell, a scream, a gasp of one’s breath. The caller’s eyes shrink-wrapped with a tear, as she calls for a loved one near death. You have done all you can behind a phone, you comfort, listen and do what is best. The time has come you hear that moan; it is time for the loved one to rest. The sirens yell over the cries, this is my job; why I am here. I listen as a loved one dies, taking a call can bring such fear. Read more [...]

The Morning After

The Morning After When I awoke I knew it would happen; mouth watery, world spinning, body sweating like dew. This was not a thought last night during the clappin’; the time has come to pay my due. Stumbling, praying, falling out of bed; trying to get up, trying to think, the light hammers pounding at my head, kneel to the one you know, not the sink. The Porcelain God awaits the feeble; mouth watery, world spinning, body sweating like dew. The God will help for good not for evil, hug him close, Read more [...]
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