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Within the Trenches Ep 148

Episode 148 features Adam Timm of The Healthy Dispatcher. This episode was recorded at the 2017 Michigan NENA conference in Lansing. In this episode Adam reflects on his dispatch career that spanned over 10 1/2 years in Los Angeles, California. He focuses on how stress from the job turned him into what his co-workers called him, "Angry Adam" and how going to classes to help deal with his stress helped him drop his angry persona and helped him realize his calling in helping his fellow dispatchers Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 147

Ep 147 was recorded in front of a live audience at the 2017 Indiana NENA/APCO conference. Dispatchers share their outrageous and funny calls. As always if you have any comments, questions or you would like to be a guest on the show send an email to           Episode topics - Open mic - "That feels so good..." Open mic - "I'm willing to try..." 911 call - The billboard And much more Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 146

Today’s episode is a hard one. If you have followed the #IAM911 movement then you know that many of the stories told by the dispatchers who lived them are hard ones. There are some good ones but they are rare. Many 9-1-1 professionals have poured their hearts out for the movement and continue to do so. In doing this they have opened the eyes of millions to what they do every single time they answer a call. These professionals have also found a way to tell their stories, heal and find some sort Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 145

Ep 145 features Sarah, Assistant Director at Kosciusko County out of Indiana and Curt, Sales Engineer with INdigital. In this episode we go back in time a few years to when Curt, who lived down the street from the Kosciusko County 9-1-1 dispatch center fell out of a tree and his wife had to call 9-1-1. Sarah, was the call taker that day and in this one story, they both found out what the other was doing before and after the call. To bring them together and allow for closure was a great experience. This Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 144

Episode 144 features show favorite Rob "Big Mac" McMullen and is the first Facebook Live episode. In this episode we play some funny 9-1-1 tapes, interact with our Facebook Live audience and share hilarious stories. You don't want to miss this one! As always if you have any comments, questions or you would like to be a guest on the show, send an email to         Episode topics - 9-1-1 stories Live at Indiana NENA/APCO conference Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 143

Ep 143 features Bill, Quality Assurance Specialist with Horry County E911, South Carolina. In this episode I got the chance to speak with Bill about his 9-1-1 dispatch career after retiring from the military and how crucial it is to follow protocols in the center. Bill shares a story where confirming the location was not followed and how critical it is to do so in an emergency. If you ever wanted to know what you need when calling 9-1-1, this is the episode for you. Please check it out and share Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 142

Ep 142 features Erin, Communications Specialist at Loveland Emergency Communications out of Colorado and the 2017 IAED Dispatcher of the Year. In this episode we take a trip down memory lane with Erin as she talks about her early 9-1-1 career to present day. She shares stories including one from when she was training and took her first 9-1-1 call with her trainer and when she answered she added a few "1's" to 9-1-1. She also shares her call and experience that lead to her becoming the 2017 IAED Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 141

Ep 141 features Ryan Dedmon, Outreach Director with the 911 Training Institute and creator of the popular blog Operation 10-8. In this episode I finally got the chance to not only have Ryan on an episode where we are face-to-face but we finally met after almost a year of talking online. Ryan explains the reasons why the 9-1-1 Wellness Foundation closed its doors and what's new in the world of the 9-1-1 Training Institute. This is a must listen so please check it out and share it. To learn more Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 140

Ep 140 features Ty, Director of Education with NENA and Lisa, Education Instructor for NENA. In this episode we follow Lisa through every rank in dispatch she held up and to the point that she left to become an instructor. Both Lisa and Ty share 9-1-1 stories from their career and let us in on what's new at NENA and their upcoming annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. This is a must listen so please check it out and share it. To learn more about the IAED and NENA follow the links below. Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 139

Ep 139 features the CEO and Public Relations Director of Uivo, Emily and David. Uivo is the only fast and secure emergency contact system for personal property that works directly with public safety dispatch centers. In this episode we learn about how both Emily and David got into public safety. Emily has a background in 9-1-1 dispatch and David is a current firefighter and paramedic. Emily's experience in the 9-1-1 world was an inspiration to the development of Uivo. This is a must listen so Read more [...]
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