Within the Trenches

Based on the experience of being a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

This is what we do…what have you done today?

As 911 dispatchers we deal with all kinds of situations. We speak to many different people and the calls are never the same. The majority of the calls we take on 911 are actually non-emergency. You wouldn't think that when picking up a 911 call the conversation would be about loud noise from the neighbors or a horse in someones yard but it happens. When a 911 call comes in and it is a true emergency it can go to hell and fast. Being on our end of the phone we do anything and everything we can to Read more [...]

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

From what I know designer drugs can be fun. They can lead you on a trip that you never imagined but sometimes you end up experiencing a bad trip. If you have ever seen Peter Fonda in "The Trip" you know what I mean. If you have experienced it yourself then there you go. One evening when I was at work I took a phone call. The caller, who I will call Floyd as in Pink, told me that his neighbor had just gone into his pole barn with a gun. His neighbor was not alone though. He was also with his wife Read more [...]

A moment of clarity

For this entry I would like to talk about a call I took that rocked me to my core. When I think back it still gives me goosebumps. This situation was enough for me to write a memoir on it for a class I had several months ago. The memoir was suppose to be about something that occurred in my life that made me change something. I wrote about growing up with my siblings and thinking that nothing could ever break us apart. My brother and I were close but I somewhat took him for granted because I felt Read more [...]

More than meets the eye.

I have been reflecting on all of the calls I have taken and although I would like to keep hitting you with the crazy calls, I thought I would give you a taste of something funny. During the first year of my current career I had already taken several calls that I never thought I would take. They were bad, they were good and they were very funny. I mean, I took a call once where a man was upset because his girlfriend was tossing his Spam out of the window of his camper. Anyhow, one that sticks out Read more [...]

In the moment of crisis, we are the voices of authority…

To follow up my previous post, I am adding a project I did for a class some time ago. I know that many of you have already seen it but for those who haven’t the video highlights two of my co-workers. I hope you enjoy it and this is just a taste of what my co-workers and I go through. I am very proud to work with each and every one of you.

Within the Trenches

I have been holding back and it's time to let go. I have been posting on anything and everything and I am proud of what I have done but for some time now I have wanted to talk about what I do for a living. One day I will write a book about what I have been through but for now...this is the beginning. It is rather therapeutic to talk about what I have gone through and although some may frown upon what I am doing, I feel it is necessary to cope and move on. I have been dispatching for several years Read more [...]

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Taking a call can bring such fear; a yell, a scream, a gasp of one’s breath. The caller’s eyes shrink-wrapped with a tear, as she calls for a loved one near death. You have done all you can behind a phone, you comfort, listen and do what is best. The time has come you hear that moan; it is time for the loved one to rest. The sirens yell over the cries, this is my job; why I am here. I listen as a loved one dies, taking a call can bring such fear. Read more [...]
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