ArtPrize 2012 – Where Artists Inspire

Grand Rapids Michigan is a city that continues to grow with its many attractions including its art community. For three years now, Grand Rapids has hosted the event known as ArtPrize. According to the events web site, the, “event is an international art exhibition and social experiment.” The site goes on to explain that, “since 2009, it has redefined how art can create community.” Below you will find a brief video on some of this year’s competition as well as an interview with one of Read more [...]

School’s out in three weeks!

Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've written on Jabber Log. I've been pretty busy lately with family, work, and especially school. I have about 3 weeks left and I'm trying to concentrate on my studies as much as possible. My final class revolves around my professional portfolio that will be given to potential clients and employers in the future. All of my assets have been put together and I'm close to being done. Graduation is coming up fast and I can't wait! There will be a lot of Read more [...]

How to learn from someone else’s FAIL.

Greetings and Happy New Year folks! 2012 is finally here and for the first post of the new year, I'd like to share a video of FAILS from 2011. The video comes from TwisterNederland's YouTube channel and I must warn you that this video is not for children. I figure the best way to better ourselves is to learn by the mistakes of others. 2012 will be an excellent year if you can avoid the FAILS that made 2011. I for one will learn from these mistakes and once again, a warning that this video is not Read more [...]

Marking the end of 2011

2011 was a great year for me. So many things happened to my family and I this year that it’s hard to capture them all in one post. First off I have to mention a moment that changed my family. That change is sitting in her Bumbo chair drooling and smiling at me. That change is none other than my daughter Lola. On August 29th, 2011 my beautiful princess made her appearance. She’s officially 4 months now and since her birth so many things have happened. She’s growing fast and she looks more and Read more [...]

Top 5 Drinking Games to Welcome 2012!

Hello people and welcome to Friday! We are one day away from New Year’s Eve and I have something that will make your party that much better. Now I know everyone likes to play Beer Pong but how about something else for a change. I for one have never played Beer Pong so maybe I’m missing something but from high school to now I have played drinking games that kept the party going for hours. The games are pretty easy to learn and I will be giving a written explanation as well as a video demonstration Read more [...]

2012 and beyond in Tech News

I realize this post is a day late but I had to write something for Tech Thursday even though it's Friday. So while searching for interesting topics I found an article on Mashable with crazy predictions for 2012. I laughed at a few of the predictions but a couple of them really made me think, "Could this really happen?" Like anything in our ever changing world, anything CAN happen. The article from Mashable contains 6 crazy predictions for 2012 and although I will not go through all of them, Read more [...]
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