911 call

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

From what I know designer drugs can be fun. They can lead you on a trip that you never imagined but sometimes you end up experiencing a bad trip. If you have ever seen Peter Fonda in "The Trip" you know what I mean. If you have experienced it yourself then there you go. One evening when I was at work I took a phone call. The caller, who I will call Floyd as in Pink, told me that his neighbor had just gone into his pole barn with a gun. His neighbor was not alone though. He was also with his wife Read more [...]

A moment of clarity

For this entry I would like to talk about a call I took that rocked me to my core. When I think back it still gives me goosebumps. This situation was enough for me to write a memoir on it for a class I had several months ago. The memoir was suppose to be about something that occurred in my life that made me change something. I wrote about growing up with my siblings and thinking that nothing could ever break us apart. My brother and I were close but I somewhat took him for granted because I felt Read more [...]
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