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Within the Trenches Ep 170

Ep 170 features Jim Marshall and Ryan Dedmon of the 911 Training Institute. As always if you have any comments, questions or you would like to be a guest on the show please send an email to wttpodcast@gmail.com. To pre-order your copy of Jim Marshall's new book "The Resilient 911 Professional: A Comprehensive Guide to Surviving & Thriving Together in the 911 Center" please visit the link below. Sponsor - 911 Training Institute – Facebook | Twitter | Web Pre-order "The Resilient Read more [...]

January Podcast Sponsor

I am excited and honored to have the 911 Training Institute as the sponsor for the month of January. The 911 Training Institute (911TI) is founded by Jim Marshall, an accomplished licensed mental health professional, specializing in trauma exposure. In 2005, he brought his professional mental health expertise to the 911 industry. Since then, he’s trained thousands of public-safety dispatchers from police and fire agencies throughout the United States. Marshall integrates principles of psychology Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 166

Ep 166 is sponsored by the 911 Training Institute and supported by INdigital, a leader in Next-Gen Core Services. This episode features Rob "Big Mac" McMullen, director at Vigo County 9-1-1 out of Indiana and current President of NENA. In this episode we catch up on what he is doing with NENA, automated dispatching and the new FOX TV series, "9-1-1." As always if you have any comments questions or you would like to be a guest on the show please send an email to wttpodcast@gmail.com. Podcast Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 141

Ep 141 features Ryan Dedmon, Outreach Director with the 911 Training Institute and creator of the popular blog Operation 10-8. In this episode I finally got the chance to not only have Ryan on an episode where we are face-to-face but we finally met after almost a year of talking online. Ryan explains the reasons why the 9-1-1 Wellness Foundation closed its doors and what's new in the world of the 9-1-1 Training Institute. This is a must listen so please check it out and share it. To learn more Read more [...]

Rainy Days – A Guest Blog Post

Written by - Ryan Dedmon, M.A. Outreach Director, 911 Training Institute It’s raining in Southern California.  Again.  It has rained here 3 days a week for the last month, breaking only long enough for things to dry out before the next storm front rolls in.  It has rained more in the last month than it has the last 3 years.  I suppose that’s a good thing.  California has long suffered from a drought, but rain makes everything more miserable. We Californians love our sunshine Read more [...]
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