Within the Trenches Ep 36 – A transition from behind the mic

Good afternoon folks! This is going to be episode 36 of Within the Trenches. This is where everything will be revealed. Normally I would specify what the highlights of the episode are but for this one I will simply say, "Listen and you will find out." This is a very important episode! Listen, share and please comment! Read more [...]

Cloth diapers, Real food, New age hippie?

So the wife and I have recently decided to make some changes in our lives to better ourselves and our children. It all began with our decision, and some help from a good friend at EcoBuns, to try out cloth diapers with our daughter Lola who will be here around September 1st of this year. We are very excited about our new adventure and if you didn't know, I will be documenting my journey in a segment called "Diaper Wars". This is the first stage of an eye opening experience. The second stage involves Read more [...]

One if by land two if by GREYHOUND?

I'm sure you have all taken a random trip some time in your life and whether it turned out good or bad it was still an experience. One of my random trips includes my first Greyhound bus ride from Michigan to Florida. My cousin Mike and I started out in South Haven and the bus station was a hole where it shared a building with dry cleaners and a gyro stand. It was odd but what could we do? The up side of it all was that there was a table top style arcade game of Ms. Pacman and we played until the Read more [...]
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