Facebook Camera. The End of Instagram?

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Tech Thursday on Jabber Log! Many things have been going on within the social media world. Facebook has gone public with their IPO (Initial Public Offering) within the stock market, and bought the popular photo sharing app, Instagram. Facebook has done a lot for the social media community, however, they fell flat on their first day of trading. Facebook's stock continues to drop but they still have a lot to work with. According to, "Facebook Read more [...]

Talk to Text with a side of Barcode

Hello folks and here's one more post for Tech Thursday! While searching the net for some awesome and interesting topics for you I found something that may assist you in every day cell phone use and another that is just plain creepy yet fun. So let's start with the iPhone 4 and lower. By now you have all seen the commercials for Siri, the assistant that comes built into the new iPhone 4S. Siri answers many questions and can help with making calls, email, text messages, set appointments, and much much Read more [...]
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