ArtPrize 2012 – Where Artists Inspire

Grand Rapids Michigan is a city that continues to grow with its many attractions including its art community. For three years now, Grand Rapids has hosted the event known as ArtPrize. According to the events web site, the, “event is an international art exhibition and social experiment.” The site goes on to explain that, “since 2009, it has redefined how art can create community.” Below you will find a brief video on some of this year’s competition as well as an interview with one of Read more [...]

Comics to Canvas – A look at Pop Art

On today's edition of The Creative Corner, Jabber Log features a very talented artist. Comics to Canvas is the creation of Crystal Martinez, an artist who paints from her heart and soul. She currently holds a B.A. in Psychology and is working towards her Master's and Ph.D. Crystal has always loved art and has been drawing and painting since her days in elementary school. It has continued into adulthood, however, her passion wasn't realized until her second semester of college. In her own words she Read more [...]

The sushi of old and liquid of television

Many things have contributed to my love for writing and designing. Music puts me in the mood to do what I do. The story lines in certain movies get my creative juices flowing and cartoons take me to the fantasy world that is my child like imagination. It truly helps to inspire me. Out of everything though, I have to say that two shows affected me the most. The shows aired on MTV back when they actually paid attention to music. It was in the early 90's and every now and then MTV would air a couple Read more [...]
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