The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 38

The AudioVillains Podcast is back with episode 38! Get ready to laugh your ass off as we tell stories from our past and present. Our good friend Adam joins us along with my nephew Andrew. The first story takes us way back to high school where we made a ramp on a steep hill we were sledding down and my younger brother Fernando flew and slammed into the ground rolling into the trees. It was a good time! As always you can email the show at! Episode topics - Extreme Sledding Logan Read more [...]

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 37

Hello everyone and we are back with new episodes of the AudioVillains podcast! It has been a few weeks but we are back with five new episodes to keep you laughing and questioning everything! In this episode we talk about how hard it is to be parents when our kids get hurt, my photobomb incident and more. If you have any questions you can email the show at Episode topics - Our welcome to the show to Adam My daughter and the ER What it's like as a father when your Read more [...]

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 36

Good morning and happy Labor Day! The AudioVillains are back with episode 36 and it's going to be a great one! I have been playing catch up again and this will be one of four episodes that are coming your way. In this episode our good friend Adam joined us while Mike was at work. Get ready for some interesting shit in this episode. As always you can email the show at Episode topics - Celiac disease Ed's gluten mission Growing a tooth out of ones urine Movies Drinking Read more [...]

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 35


newAudioVillainsPodcastCover3And I’m back and finally caught up on episodes for The AudioVillains Podcast! Enjoy the show and we will be recording again soon.

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 34


newAudioVillainsPodcastCover3Back and almost caught up on episodes! In this one we welcome my younger bro Chando (Fernando) from Florida.

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 33


newAudioVillainsPodcastCover3Back with another episode!

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 32

Good evening and I'm back again folks! This is episode 32 of The AudioVillains Podcast and I'm almost caught up on episodes. We welcome Mike back on this episode and he fills us in on what he has been up to and the horror of having his wisdom teeth pulled. Enjoy the episode and as always you can email the show at Read more [...]

The AudioVillains Podcast Ep 31

Welcome back for episode 31 of The AudioVillains Podcast. In this episode we take a trip down memory lane to when we were back in high school. We visit the fights that we were involved in and how Ed looks in his eighth grade picture. There is more to come as I catch up on all of the episodes so stay tuned! Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 24 Featuring The AudioVillains

It is very very early but the AudioVillains are back with episode 24! Now, this was recorded a week ago but I have been slacking so I apologize. In this weeks episode we talk about my bout with food poisoning, the battle between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan and random movies that are coming out. We also talk about Bulletproof Coffee and a look back at dial-up Internet Services. As always you can email us by using the black button to the left or you can use the new official email for the entire JCast Read more [...]

The JCast Episode 22 Featuring The AudioVillains

Good afternoon everyone! The AudioVillains are back with episode 22 on Jabber Log! This week we reflect on the tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this. We spoke on it for a while before switching to a more happy topic. This past weekend I shared my weekend with the family where we broke out in song to Mr. Big's, "To Be With You." We touched on movies, movie trailers, and how I apparently look like a Furbee with a hat. Many laughs Read more [...]
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