One of life’s greatest moments…Birth.

It's 9:58pm on August 30th 2011. So much has happened since yesterday and my life has changed once again. Out of all the greatest moments I have experienced there is one that tops all of them; the birth of my children. The most recent addition to my family is Lola Mae. My little girl has finally arrived and this time yesterday my wife was in labor. Rebecca had been having contractions for most of the day yesterday but nothing significant or close together. We ran some errands and went to the airport Read more [...]

2 weeks and counting…

Woooooooo! Two weeks and counting my fellow Jabber Loggers! Yesterday made the birth of my daughter more of a reality. My wife and I had to meet with one of the advisors of the hospital in order to pre-register so that we did not have to do it when my wife goes into labor. The hospital is very nice and it's pretty peaceful as well. I'm sure it won't be all that peaceful when my wife is crushing my hand while dealing with a killer contraction but oh well. I helped make the child so I might as well Read more [...]

It’s the final countdown.

My wife is just about 3 weeks away from giving birth to our daughter and I am freaking out. We pretty much have everything ready except for a few purchases at EcoBuns so we're good there but I can't help thinking how this is going to go down. Our sons birth went rather smooth but everyone says that boys are easier anyway. I know they're referring more to raising them but is it the same when giving birth? Are there other things I should be looking for? I'm sure I sound clueless but it's only because Read more [...]

Documenting a new adventure.

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers! If you have read my previous post, "A prelude to the saga" then you know how much of a fool I was during the birth of my son Logan and that my wife is expecting. I also mentioned that the post was simply a prelude to something more. A new adventure has presented itself and I am on board to take it head on. The adventure has been titled, "Diaper Wars: A Father's Tale; May the cloth be with you". Now I'm sure you are wondering what I mean by "cloth" rather than "force" Read more [...]

A prelude to the saga

This is the beginning. The beginning of something new that I shall embark on, but first a prelude to the saga. You like that? You like how I added the title of my post to this? Yep, that's just a taste of the kind of dork I am. So before I get into my upcoming adventure, I'd like to tell you a story. It involves my wife, myself, and the birth our son Logan. The date was March 17, 2004 and we had just left the doctor's office. Our midwife had told us that she would not see us until the following weekend Read more [...]
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