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Diaper Wars: Attack of the Splash

Good afternoon folks! It has been quite some time since my last Diaper Wars post and I apologize for that. Since my last post my wife has pretty much taken the reigns on our cloth diaper adventure. She has taken up with a gang of cloth diaper moms for play dates and I believe there was a gangland battle at a playground with a gang of disposable diaper moms but I cannot disclose the result of this. Also I’m just joking but it would be funny to see right? Anyway, my wife is trying new types of Read more [...]

Diaper Wars: The Cloth Strikes Back

For the past two weeks my wife and I have been running a trial with disposables over cloth diapers. I have enjoyed the convenience of them but they have been rather messy. I posted a few weeks back that my problem with cloth diapers was that my daughter kept wetting through them. The disposables on the other hand kept her dry but they allowed for messy blowouts. Well, after our trial with disposables, feedback from readers, and the excellent customer service at EcoBuns, we are back on track with Read more [...]

Clothin’ from cover to Snappi

My daughter is just over two weeks old now and it has been going great. She's beginning to sleep a lot more at night and this makes my wife and I very happy. We have been using cloth diapers since day one and they have worked nicely. I did have some mishaps recently that have me wondering how I can do better with this type of diaper. Recently I have learned how to wash my daughters cloth diapers and without the sprayer it's pretty easy. There is a process to washing them and I had to have my wife Read more [...]
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