cloth diapers

1 week and counting…

Time has gone by very fast. My wife has 1 week left and although she's ready to go, Lola is not. She's positioned in the right place but she's chilling for the moment. I see this as a good sign that my little girl will listen to me later on in life since I have been telling her to wait until the 29th so that my family medical leave will kick in. I'm sure this is not the case but it's nice to think that she's listening to her daddy already. I have two more shifts and then I'm off for two weeks. It's Read more [...]

And the winner is…

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for your participation. Today was the Grand Opening of EcoBuns and Jabber Log was there to witness such an excellent turn out. The friendly staff of EcoBuns answered every question and greeted every guest with a smile. This is definitely the place to be for all your cloth needs and natural products. Make sure to visit the ever popular EcoBuns at their store 12330 James st. Suite B30 Holland, MI in the Outlet Mall or their web site here. And now for the moment Read more [...]

It ends at midnight

Hello all, this is just a small note to let you know that you have until midnight tonight to enter the EcoBuns giveaway. After that time, those who have completed all three steps of the giveaway will be compiled and tomorrow during the Grand Opening the winner will be randomly chosen. Don't miss out on this great giveaway that includes a BumGenius All in one organic, matching pair of baby legs and a Bummis Swimmi dipe. Anyone can enter and remember that if you live out of state you will be responsible Read more [...]

From the bottom of my heart

I would like to take this time to thank all the moms out there who responded to my post where I asked for help and advice on CD'ing. Your information and knowledge in this area is greatly appreciated. I didn't realize there was so much information out there about CD'ing. The internet is full of information but I like the first hand knowledge. It's honest and I can trust the information because it's coming from someone who has experienced it. Between EcoBuns and you, the readers who responded to me, Read more [...]

OMG! This is a girl not a boy!

As you can tell from my picture I'm in a state of shock. This morning while helping my wife clean the carpets I realized something; we're having a girl not a boy! I don't know what to do with a baby girl! I have two sons and changing them and what not was easy. I believe this was easy because we're the same gender but this is completely different so I'm a little tripped out. So let's see here; I have never used cloth diapers and I will be changing my daughter as much as possible to become an expert Read more [...]

Documenting a new adventure.

Hello fellow Jabber Loggers! If you have read my previous post, "A prelude to the saga" then you know how much of a fool I was during the birth of my son Logan and that my wife is expecting. I also mentioned that the post was simply a prelude to something more. A new adventure has presented itself and I am on board to take it head on. The adventure has been titled, "Diaper Wars: A Father's Tale; May the cloth be with you". Now I'm sure you are wondering what I mean by "cloth" rather than "force" Read more [...]
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