Justifiable Homicide: Hero or Criminal

Imagine hearing your daughters scream. You run frantically to the barn and find an acquaintance molesting your daughter. You protect her by repeatedly punching him in the head. After several hits he dies. Was it justified or did you commit murder? In Shiner, Texas, this scenario occurred. The Christian Science Monitor states, “there’s little doubt among residents that a 23-year-old man who reportedly killed a man he found molesting his 5-year-old daughter in a horse barn should be hailed as a Read more [...]

Notes for the Living – Ep. 2

Fennville, MI I’m waiting here at the building behind the post office. I left Bird’s Eye because of what I saw. A group of people have been sick. I don’t know if it has to do with the chemicals here but after a while they attacked other workers. I saw one of them bite a chunk out of Alex’s neck. His blood sprayed the walls. I ran as fast as I could from the building. That incident was days ago. When I got here all I could hear were screams over the radios. I don’t know what’s going Read more [...]

Street Justice Is Always Bloody

Gandhi once said, "An eye for eye makes the whole world blind." Is this something you believe? I'm sure we were all brought up to be kind to others and show sympathy and compassion but do we always feel this way? How about murderers and hardened criminals? I have seen court hearings where a suspect will stand up and address a victims family or families depending on the case and some apologize for what they have done. At times the family has forgiven the suspect but I have always thought about Read more [...]
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