It’s time to expand with RMII Visions

  Hello all, I have decided to delete my "Random Jabs" page and add "RMII Visions" (RM2V) in its place. I'm sure you have seen the headline above my Twitter feed that states, "Jabber Log is a branch of RMII Visions" but I don't believe I have ever explained what it is. So without further ado, RMII Visions is the parent company (of sorts) name that Jabber Log falls under. I use the RM2V name when I design. I have tried to keep them some what separate but since I have had a lot of people view Read more [...]

If you didn’t know…

Hello all this is going to be a quick post for today. If you didn't know I have an Associates in Web Development. I am currently seeking my Bachelor's in Graphic Design and this post is simply a look to the future. A coming soon ad if you will for RMII Visions. In the past I have been approached with ideas for web sites and to be completely honest I was rather nervous to take on any work because of my fear of failure. Well after doing this blog and designing ads, banners, and logos, it's time to Read more [...]
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