Within the Trenches Ep 40

Good morning! Whitney and I are back with an epic episode of Within the Trenches. In this episode we went back to basics and kept laughing and laughing. This is dispatch humor at its best folks! Yes, the humor is a little dark but people have to understand that in order to work as a 9-1-1 dispatcher you have to have a sense of humor or the job will eat you alive. You will not make it if you let the calls get to you. With that said we also listen to three tapes and tell stories from the trenches. Read more [...]

Within the Trenches – Bonus Ep 4

Good morning everyone! It has been a while since I posted an episode but I have been busy like you wouldn't believe. Working the private sector has been fun, rewarding and busy! In this bonus episode I talk about what has been going on in my life, my personal dispatch stories that made me cry and what it has been like to transition from the hot seat to the 9-1-1 office chair. New episodes will be recorded weekly once again so stay tuned! As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com. Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 39

Hello everyone and welcome back! Whitney and I return with episode 39 of Within the Trenches. In this episode we visit with Daniel, the "Small Town Dispatcher" and host of Nighttime Dispatch Radio. He shares some of his calls, how he got his start and what influenced him to start his Small Town Dispatcher blog. We also share a few stories of our own on what it's like to have to find time to use the bathroom when in the hot seat. Finally we share our thoughts on an issue that hits home to all 9-1-1 Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 38

Good afternoon folks! Within the Trenches is back with episode 38. In this episode we welcome back Whitney to the show. It has been a while but we are back and ready to go. We visit some dispatch radio hijinks and some new things coming to the show and the fan page. Get ready for a very funny episode that includes bloopers at the end so make sure to check it out. As always you can email the show at thejcast@thejabberlog.com, you can follow us on Twitter @wttpodcast and 'Like' us on Facebook!       Episode Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 37

Good afternoon folks! I'm back with episode 37 of Within the Trenches. In this episode I started the "Podcast Plug Exchange." I was approached by Brad Kirsch and I am very happy to be doing this with him and others who want to participate. The Podcast Plug Exchange is meant to help fellow podcasters spread the word on their show. So you would provide me a brief description of your show and an image to be added to the post and your information will be given out during an episode of the show. With Read more [...]

An open house to remember

As of today I have four shifts left in dispatch. It has been a hell of an adventure. There are so many stories and close friendships that I have made that I have lost count. Yesterday my center held an open house for my assistant director and I. It was good to spend some quality time with my second family. My director and training coordinator said a few words and we all shared in the laughter and tears. At the end of the open house we sat around and told stories. It would have been a great episode Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Ep 27 – National NENA Conference Series

Within the Trenches is back with episode 27! This episode was recorded at the National NENA Conference and Expo at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin of 9-1-1 Cares/PSTC. We shared stories from the trenches and how Kevin went from working for “AAA” to a 9-1-1 dispatch center. He also went into the history of 9-1-1 cares and how the organization does everything they can to support those behind the mic. This Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Episode 13

Hello everyone! Whitney and I are back again this week with episode 13 of Within the Trenches. A few episodes back we spoke with Cheryl of Yakima, Washington and she was not only a dispatcher but she is part of her centers critical incident stress management (CISM) team. It was an interesting and informative show and since it went so well, we wanted to bring this week’s guest on to add to the topic of CISM. This week we spoke with Matt, operations manager of the communications center in Kent County. Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Episode 12

Good evening everyone! Whitney and I are back with episode 12 of Within the Trenches. We postponed our interview for this week because of some issues I was having with an infected tooth and some minor oral surgery but we pulled through. This weeks episode is a bit longer than the last few but it's definitely worth it. I can tell you that it's amazing and you are really going to dig it! In this episode we share four different 9-1-1 tapes involving the wonders of bees, handcuffs, shrimp fried rice Read more [...]

Within the Trenches Episode 11

Good afternoon everyone! Whitney and I are back with episode 11 of Within the Trenches. This week we spoke with Cheryl, a dispatcher and Critical Incident Stress Management, (CISM) team member with SunComm in Yakima, WA. This was an interesting episode because we were battling with the Internet, our friend and foe. We dealt with some issues over Skype and the audio was cutting in and out but after some good editing, you can't even tell that anything messed up. Despite the technical difficulties Read more [...]
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